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DooScoop Litter Box Shovel Cleaning Tool

DooScoop Litter Box Shovel Cleaning Tool

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Keep Your Cat's Litter Box Poo Free!

Easily remove cat poop from the litter box with the help of the handy DooScoop. The DooScoop lets you clean the litter box in a clean and hygienic way.

Our premium DooScoop is a poop scooper and a trash bin all in one! It lets you collect poop directly into a trash bag, making clean up so much more convenient. 

Key Benefits

2-in-1 Design - Make life easier by cleaning out the cat litter box with this amazing tool! Simply scoop up balls of poop with the DooScoop and drop it into the attached container.

Hygienic Tool - Forget about having to pick the cat poop up with your bare hands. That's gross! The DooScoop makes litter box clean up duties so much more hygienic.

Large Capacity - This amazing DooScoop is fitted with a large container. This way, you can scoop up multiple balls of poop all at once.

Easy Cleaning - Our premium DooScoop is made with smooth plastic, making it easy to wash and clean. Once dry, you can pack it away with ease.

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